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Heat Exchanger (Air to Air) - Infiltraco Murni PT.
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Heat Exchanger (Air to Air)

In Indonesia, we are the sole distributor of Seibu Giken from Japan. Heat exchanger functions to recycle energy lost in ventilation. Under a hot temperature, a lot of energy is consumed to cool an enclosed area. Heat exchanger significantly reduces the amount of energy consumption required by air conditioning system, and in the long run, heat exchanger proves to be extremely energy-efficient. The use of heat exchanger is part of effective green building effort which leads to reduced operating costs through increased efficiency of electrical energy usage.

Puro-Save VOC Concentrator
VOC Concentrator can effectively purify and concentrate VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) being contained in the exhausted stream from industrial factories.

Hi-Panex Heat Exchanger
Hi-Panex heat exchanger has an excellent effect in odor transfer prevention, excellent energy saving effect and anti-germ/mold-proof effect

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